Unlock the true potential of your data

Transform your data and operations, align with your business objectives, and positively impact your bottom line

We offer a broad range of services to charities, not-for-profit, government and education institutions. From staff training to temporary cover, technical implementations to strategic consultation, integrations to analytics, we are here to support you in your journey to data that is used and usable.

Managed Services

Need to fill a short term support vacancy? If you require more generalised data and systems help, we offer a variety of Comprehensive Services packages for short, medium or even long term support of existing programs.

We treat your existing arrangements with respect, working with you to see that your campaigns and programs function smoothly during our stewardship. Leverage our decades of experience to take the uncertainty out of times of transition and unexpected change.

Strategic Consultation and Data Ethics Leadership

Concerned about how effective your operations are? Not sure if you’re using the right tools? Need help making the case for additional budget or resource? We can help!

As veterans of the industry, we are experienced in evaluating and improving team and system structure. We work with you, focusing on getting the most out of the resources available to you. We are platform agnostic so you can be sure you’re using the tools that best align with your budget and are most likely to support you in reaching your goals.

Reporting and Visualisation

Your data is only as useful as the insight and understanding it can provide. Too often information is accessed in a way that is dense, disorganised and unreadable. Information that is not clearly communicated is poorly understood, meaning your finger is not on the pulse of your projects, supporters and operation as a whole.

Unlock the true power of your data, by utilising best practice techniques and technology to show you exactly how, where and why your supporters are engaging with you or simply gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of your operations.

Design your own reporting suite from scratch or tell us your business questions and we can design an end-to-end solution for you, from comprehensive data collection through to dynamic and visualised reports.

Importing and Integration

Drowning in spreadsheets? Need help bringing in data from outside? Want to connect to your Finance, HR or other data sources?

We specialise in cleaning, preparing and automating the process of importing data to your Customer Relationship Management system.

Predictive Analytics

Use your data to optimise your campaigns, acquisitions and prospect research. Interrogate your operations to determine what methods, mediums, mechanisms and demographics are most likely to connect, respond and ultimately give to your programs.

We utilise advanced analytics and “best practice” industry knowledge to provide both broad and specific recommendations on how to identify and take advantage of the trends appearing in your data.

Data Cleanliness & Hygiene

The health and quality of your data is the foundation upon which all aspects of your operation rest. If it is unreliable it is unusable and likely to be a risk and liability to your operations.

Visualise Fundraising can run a comprehensive audit of your data health, covering everything from the accuracy and consistency of your data, the infrastructure that supports it, and the business processes it impacts.

We ensure your system is optimised for the way you operate, and that you are tracking the things you need for the success of your program.

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